26 December 2016

December 2016 New project in North America

One more time the Greek dairy products and especially the feta cheese and yogurt are highlighted as the favorite ones for the consumers of North America.

A new dairy has been called to complete this demand of the market by offering the authenticity of a Greek product that is made by the machinery and know-how of Insol ltd.

Our company declares its engagement in the implementation of this project, by applying processes that include preventive actions and controls that deter the existence of dissatisfied customers, continuous control and review of requirements and also of the level of provided products, choice of the appropriate personnel and determination of their responsibilities.

07 November 2016

12 October 2016

Equipment for dairy facilities

Equipment for dairy facilities

*cheese making*

Yogurt Greek traditional - strained
Complete solutions of white cheese production lines

20 September 2016

Equipment for dairy facilities

Equipment for dairy facilities

*cheese making* 

Automatic de-stacker, de-molder and molds washing machine.
Automatic lines for metallic tins processing.

31 August 2016

Equipment for Dairy Facilities

Equipment for Dairy Facilities

*cheese making*

          automatic lines for straining, stacking, turning and parking molds

18 July 2016

Equipment for Dairy Facilities

Equipment for Dairy Facilities

*cheese making*

equipment for curd production procedure
cheese vat discharging and molds filling procedure

10 June 2016

White Feta Cheese production line in Bulgaria

Application of a line operating with molds for the production of White Feta Cheese. The line is composed by cheese vats for the preparation of the curd, stacker for the creation of eight molds stack, turner for the turning and excellent drainage of the cheese, de-stacker for the cheese de-molding and finally a washing machine for the molds. 

18 May 2016

Full and Semi Automated White Feta Cheese Production Lines

According to the capacity of the Dairy the production line can be customized to a full automated or a semi-automated one. A capacity of 25-30 and more tons of milk per day requires a full automated line.

-- Help your business save production time and money, gain quality and fine product.

31 March 2016


greek yogurt, manufacturer

The strained yogurt is a highly nutritious food because it is rich in nutrients such as proteins,fats, carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements.
Extremely tasty yogurt made with 100% natural ingredients.
 The unique technique of straining removes the serum from pasteurized cow's milk, and what remains is the dense, velvety, creamy texture of yogurt.

18 January 2016

White Cheese in Bulgaria

White cheese is a delicious, nutritious food, rich in calcium. Its use is widely known as it has flooded the world market and became part of our eating habits.

Once again Insol Ltd requested to provide the equipment and expertise to a new cheese factory in Bulgaria installing white cheese production line.